How old do you need to be to start robotics lessons?

 Answer: At Plum Crazy Robotics, we start kids with Robotics as soon as they can read or, about age 5.  Although, there are robotics focused projects and tasks for younger than 5. Take a look in our store for some amazing products.

How much do robotics lessons cost?

Answer: There are many pricing models but, we see robotics and coding classes priced similar to any other after-school activity lessons; i.e. music, karate etc.

How do I choose the right robotics program for my child in NJ?

Answer: Look for programs that match your child’s age and interest level, offer a hands-on learning approach, have qualified instructors, and positive reviews from other parents. Here at Plum Crazy Robotics , we offer a customized learning plan for each student.  We understand most students do not learn the same way.

What benefits do robotics lessons offer to children?

Answer: Robotics lessons enhance problem-solving skills, foster creativity, introduce basic programming and engineering concepts, and can improve teamwork and communication abilities.  At Plum Crazy Robotics we strive to focus immersing students in real-world technologies even at a young age.

Are there any affordable robotics workshops for kids in New Jersey?

Answer: One of the best things about the internet is you can always find free information.  There are SO many resources for coding, electronics and robotics.  Check out our store at The Shop at Plum Crazy Robotics for some amazing project kits to work with at home, they are great for home schoolers as well.  Additionally, some community centers, libraries, and non-profits offer affordable or even free robotics workshops for kids, especially during summer months or school breaks.

How can robotics lessons help my child learn programming?

Answer: Robotics lessons often incorporate programming using friendly platforms like Scratch, Blockly, Python & Arduino providing a practical, engaging way to learn coding fundamentals.  At Plum Crazy Robotics love to see kids apply coding to something.  In other words, just because you can code does not mean you can make a motor move with code.  Learning robotics concepts while programming is amazing

Are there beginner-friendly robotics courses for young children in NJ?

Answer: At Plum Crazy Robotics, we always start from the beginning… no experience needed; just a desire to learn amazingly cool stuff.  We offer beginner-friendly courses focusing on simple machines and basic coding, suitable for young children with no prior experience.

What topics are covered in a typical New Jersey kids' robotics course?

Answer: At Plum Crazy Robotics, we use hand tool to build projects covering basic robotic engineering and mechanics, electronics and circuits, beginner to more advanced software programming, 3d printing, CNC part making all of which are often tailored to the age and skill level of the students.  More advanced verticals involve machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), data-science and computer vision

Can robotics classes help my child in future STEM careers?

Answer: Absolutely, robotics classes provide foundational skills in technology and engineering that are crucial for pursuing STEM careers. They instill an understanding of project design, complex problem-solving and innovation.

Are there online robotics courses available for kids in New Jersey?

Answer: Yes, there are online robotics courses tailored for kids in NJ, offering flexibility to learn from home while participating in virtual simulations and real-time instructor-led projects.  We offer daily classes as well as customized solutions at Plum Crazy Robotics.  Although most parents like the idea of a like-minded group of students together, a families schedule does not always allow that.  We offer customized learning solutions, just give us a call with your needs. 

About Us


Discover Plum Crazy Robotics, your premier destination for innovative robotics and technology education right in your local community. As a leading provider of robotics classes for kids, we empower young minds through hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technology.

Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of exciting subjects, including robotics, electronics, coding (Python, Arduino, C++, Java), 3D game design using Unity, virtual reality, CNC milling, Minecraft coding and modding, and website building. With a focus on real-world application, collaborative projects, and team-building exercises, we offer unparalleled expertise in robotics and electronics education.

Are you eager to learn how to build a robot from the ground up? Our classes guide students through the process of building robots from scratch, complete with programming instruction. These projects not only enhance learning but also serve as the foundation for participation in robotics competitions and our exclusive Robotics Club.

Seating is limited, so don’t miss out—call today to secure your spot or your child’s place in our dynamic programs. Contact us now to discover why we’re the top choice for STEM classes for kids in Monmouth County. Join us and unleash your child’s potential in the exciting world of robotics and technology!

Introducing Plum Crazy Robotics: Customized Learning Solutions and National Maker Project Tech Support



Introducing Plum Crazy Robotics: Your Destination for Customized Learning Solutions and National Maker Project Tech Support

Are you seeking assistance with a maker project or in need of guidance for design and build endeavors? Whether you’re a teacher shaping a new classroom project, a student grappling with coding challenges, or an enthusiast delving into Python, Arduino, Java, C++, openCV, AR/VR/MR, CAD, drones, or comprehensive tech programs, Plum Crazy Robotics is here to help.

Our expertise extends to national levels, offering tailored solutions to bring your projects to fruition. Additionally, we provide virtual support for your convenience. Reach out to us today via phone or email at support@plumcrazyrobotics.com, and let us assist you in realizing your technological ambitions.

Project Based Learning - A better way to learn coding, robotics, electronics and tech

Why Plum Crazy Robotics.  Its 2024 and with todays  sky rocketing college costs and the fact that many fortune 100 companies no longer require a
college degree for advanced positions because they will accept experience in its place.  Plum Crazy Robotics is a great way to help you learn and earn
the experience desired and required.  In place of or in addition to, Plum Crazy Robotics provides project-based design and experience that will contribute
to the resume of the student when applying for jobs.
We immerse students in multiple cutting edge technologies that help them identify their strengths and desires by project based learning.
We work with mechatronic engineers from around the world that help bring us the very best hands on projects to our classroom, which brings real world
experience to our students.
Make an investment into your childs future.  Help build creativity, decision making, problem solving with real world electronics, coding and maker skills

We offer daily classes. Give us a call to check availability (732) 359-4299


We offer daily classes.  Give us a call to check availability

(732) 359-4299

Make an investment into your childs future.  Help build creativity, decision making and problem solving with real world electronics, coding and maker skills.

Why Choose Us

We are the best local STEM class teacher for kids. Your child will learn technology, real world thinking and team building. Check out our 2022 classes for Robotics, Coding, Raspberry Pi, Minecraft and Maker type projects. The curriculum includes but, is not limited to, PROJECT BASED BUILDING and programming with Raspberry Pi, Aduino, Robotics Classes with Micro-Computers and Micro-Controllers, Electronics, Digitally addressable LEDs and all different types of Programming including Python, C based Languages, C++, Java, Android Studios and more! Overall, we offer the best STEM classes in Monmouth County. With classes starting at just 4 years old, you are never too young or old to follow your passions.

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What People Say

“Really cool and educational place for kids to get into real engineering.”

Vlad B.
Proud Father

“My daughter has taken several robotics classes and she loves them. She has become familiar with many aspects--Raspberry Pi, programming in python to trigger different features such as speech-to-text , assembling parts etc. In a few weeks, she has learned a lot, and she started without having any preliminary knowledge. The classes are fun too!"

-Mary M.

“My 2 kids have attended several of the robotics classes. They have found them to be challenging and exciting and the amount of information that they have retained has been incredible. The curriculum is very good and progresses with their learning. They look forward to their weekly classes and I would definitely recommend anyone that has children that are interested in learning about robotics.”

Michael M.

“The instructor is great at getting kids engaged and motivated.”

Romel K.

Amazing place! Kids do so many cool projects and learn so much about mechanics, physics, programming and much more! My son has been taking lessons for 2 years and this is his favorite by far!

Yulia K.

My son has been going to PCR for a few months now and really likes it. He’s learning about software and hardware, coding and building! Chuck is very knowledgable and fun. He also opened up a slot in the early afternoon just for us homeschoolers! Thanks!!

Jacklyn H.

My 10 yr old son comes home so excited after Robotics - when he talks about it I don't understand half the things he says (my husband does though luckily - engineering minds) but he talks about everything so confidently and with so much passion 🙂 This is truly the best after school activity 🙂

Ianna R.

My daughter has been going to Plum Crazy Robotics for few months now and I would highly recommend it as the owner is incredible, he’s extremely knowledgeable and very well prepared to lead the kids in the right way. He keeps them engaged and motivated in a fun way. He takes extra time to learn your child’s pattern for giving them the best understanding of the material. Excellent way to exceed in this field as they go out of their way to teach. Even though I enrolled her as an intro with no experience, I see positive growth in her learning and definitely see her growing in this field.

Sakshi J.

My 10 yr old son comes home so excited after Robotics - when he talks about it I don't understand half the things he says (my husband does though luckily - engineering minds) but he talks about everything so confidently and with so much passion 🙂 This is truly the best after school activity 🙂

Ianna R.

My son loves this place , learning and creating hands on all about robotics .

Charles M.

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