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Plum Crazy offers classes in the following Robotics, Electronic Engineering and Maker Project areas:

  • Raspberry Pi Classes– Examples of some Projects are: RetroPi, PiCam, Motion Sensors, Communication with DC Motors and Servos, Python Executable, Relay Modules
  • Clustering Raspberry Pi
  • Socket server communication with multiple Raspberry Pi
  • Robotics Classes and Robot C language
  • Electronics Classes for kids and adults
  • Network and server security penetration testing using Kali Linux
  • Things Projects (IOT)
  • Arduino Classes
  • Beagle Bone / Micro-Computer Classes
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text to Speech
  • Python GPIO
  • LED Projects
  • Computer Programming Classes and Projects using Python, C, C++, Arduino, Java, Linux, Bash, ROBOTC and ROS
  • GPS modules
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