We are hiring!

Looking to get in with an awesome and growing company?  Plum Crazy Robotics is a small, BUT, growing non-accedited school that teaches all types of technology. We are looking for teachers, (preferably that have at least a hobbyist level in electronics).  We will consider certified and not certified teachers depending on qualifications) to teach one or multiple of the following:

We are looking for some amazing people to fill teaching and project roles in the following areas:

  • Minecraft, Electronics, Computers, Open Source, 3D printing and open source platforms ) i.e. , game building, computer languages and coding (Python, C++, Java etc). Hands on experience Raspberry Pi and the not kind you eat! , Arduino, IOT.
  • Social Media Expert

We think when you are a creative person, it is important to be able to grow.  That said, let us know the position you are looking for and why you think you are a fit.

If you are fit send an email with Bio / Resume to careers@plumcrazyrobotics.com






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