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Who is Plum Crazy Robotics? We are an amazing LOCAL Robotics and Technology educator that offers robotics for kids. Our Robotics and Electronics Classes utilize cutting edge Technology while building Robots, Robotics, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Projects, Electronics, Coding ( Python, Arduino, C++, Java),  3D Game Design Building with Unity, Virtual Reality, CNC Milling,  Minecraft Coding and Modding, Website Building. With real world thinking, team building and projects, we are the best teacher of technology that offers the widest experience with robotics and electronics projects! Have you you been looking for a place to learn to build a robot from scratch? In our classes, students build Robots from scratch including learning to program them. The projects are then used in our robotics competitions and our Robotics club!

 With very limited seating, call today to reserve your or your childs spot.

Give us a call to find out why we are the best stem classes for kids.. Get your child involved, we are an amazing Monmouth County STEM class!

National Makerspace Tech Support


National Maker Project Tech Support:

Do you need help with a maker or design and build project. Are you a teacher designing a new project for their class but, just need some questions answered. Are you a student that cant seem to figure out the code to get your project to come to life? Design, building or coding, Python, Arduino, Java, C++, openCV, AR /VR /MR , CAD, drones, entire tech programs, we have no limits. Plum Crazy Robotics can help complete your project on a national level. We also offer VIRTUAL support Give us a call or email support@ our office.

Why Choose Us

We are the best local STEM class teacher for kids. Your child will learn technology, real world thinking and team building. Check out our 2020 classes for Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Minecraft and Maker type projects. The curriculum includes but, is not limited to, PROJECT BASED BUILDING and programming with Raspberry Pi, Aduino, Robotics Classes with Micro-Computers and Micro-Controllers, Electronics, Digitally addressable LEDs and all different types of Programming including Python, C based Languages, C++, Java, Android Studios and more! Overall, we offer the best STEM classes in Monmouth County. With classes starting at just 4 years old, you are never too young or old to follow your passions.

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Robotics – Electronics Classes


OpenCV and  Machine Learning


Coding Classes (Python, C, Java)

Offering Local Classes In:

Robotics – Electronics – Programming & Coding Classes – Bluetooth, IOT, Wifi, openCV (Computer Vision), Machine Learning, Drone Building and Flight, CNC Milling

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Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.

april, 2022

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Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.

april, 2022

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Plum Crazy Robotics appreciates all the support from its students, their families, our sponsors and supporters. We love to support our families, please help support their businesses as well.

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What People Say

“Really cool and educational place for kids to get into real engineering.”

Vlad B.
Proud Father

“My daughter has taken several robotics classes and she loves them. She has become familiar with many aspects--Raspberry Pi, programming in python to trigger different features such as speech-to-text , assembling parts etc. In a few weeks, she has learned a lot, and she started without having any preliminary knowledge. The classes are fun too!"

-Mary M.

“My 2 kids have attended several of the robotics classes. They have found them to be challenging and exciting and the amount of information that they have retained has been incredible. The curriculum is very good and progresses with their learning. They look forward to their weekly classes and I would definitely recommend anyone that has children that are interested in learning about robotics.”

Michael M.

“The instructor is great at getting kids engaged and motivated.”

Romel K.

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